Why use USB shavers?

This is the age of instant gratification. We always look for faster solutions to our problems which can be immediately implemented and solved. The internet has made this wish much easier by allowing us access to everything that we require.

Want shoes, here you go, want grocery, worry not, want to buy new furniture, we have got you covered, want to find a partner for life, internet has that too. You name it and the internet will give you access to it or at least let you contact someone who can give you the access.

The men’s age-old tradition of shaving has also undergone the change for instant gratification. Gone are the times when people used to buy shaving creams and razors, then apply the foam on your face, shave with the razor taking care not to make any cuts or scratches.

It was a learning experience, the more you did it, the better you get at it. This method had its own disadvantages, it took too much time, which people don’t have these days.

Everybody’s life is packed with their schedules being full of commitments, who would waste a significant chunk of their time carefully rubbing a piece of blade over their face.

Another major disadvantage was that there were always chances of cutting yourself, however experienced you be, we are all humans after all, one small difference in your hand movement and you get a scar on your face.

The solution to these problems was the advent of the electric shavers. These electric devices have blades that do the hard work for you. You just have to turn it on and move it across your face.

The power of technology. These shavers have been life savers for those office goers who are always late to wake up but need to reach the office on time, cleanly shaved.

The latest offerings in the electric shavers is the USB shavers.

These are compact products that are charged from USB cables which can be connected to your laptop or your computer.

The perfect travel companion for the person on the go and does not want to reach anywhere with a stubble on the face.


Why use USB Shavers:

The compactness:

One of the most important positive points of USB shavers is the compactness of it. IT is smaller than your smartphone.

You can carry your shaver with you even if you plan to travel light. This small device will just take so much space as your socks. Surely a very useful product in a compact package.

Another major benefit of USB shaver is that you need not carry about the bulky chargers that come along with the traditional electronic shavers.

You even don’t have to carry a separate USB cable for this as it comes with an inbuilt USB cable. Just connect it to your laptop and you are ready to go.


If you are thinking that the compactness of the product will reduce its usability factor, you are wrong. The product is very comfortable to use.

You can use it even in your car or bed if you feel too lazy. It also comes with a cleaning kit that makes sure that you don’t have hair all over your suitcase after you are done with your shaving.

The product also provides a good battery life. Which means you don’t have to worry about it going out of juice halfway through your shave.

These were the major benefits of a USB shaver. It is the best gift for the on the go office goer who likes to look crisp and shaven even when he is travelling light.