How good is GoPro as travel partner?

We all are always looking for that perfect action camera that will capture us at some of our adventurous moments. As we all know the costly DLSR cameras are not always the right pick when trying out some adventure activities in a travel.

But, we look out for ways to capture the special moments, in those occasions a Gopro comes in quite handy.

So now the question is can a GoPro action camera be the travel buddy to capture the best moments of travel.

Advantages of GoPro as travel camera

They are small in size:

They’ll suit on your pocket. So there’s no hassle with attempting to find space for your bags or exceeding bring-on limits. And no protection coverage is going to forestall you from using a “professional” digital camera.

They are made for tough conditions:

GoPro are constructed to move in places that cameras don't have any commercial enterprise going. Heading on an excursion for surfing? Sand and water isn't any problem. Heading to tropical climates of Southeastern Asia during the time of monsoon season? GoPro will deal with the downpours without breaking a sweat.

Simple shooting mode:

The automated settings aren’t ideal for every state of affairs, however they work distinctly well throughout a remarkably huge spectrum of shooting. And with the new night modes, that includes night time and coffee light as properly.

Wide angle view:

Wide angle view of GoPro is an armor of photography in itself. It’s amazing for large subjects or if you may get in very, very near take the shot. It may create a excellent immersive look that in particular suits motion shots.

GoPro is waterproof:

The apparent one is waterproofing and all-round ruggedness. Or even inside the maximum civilized tour you’re possibly going to run into instances while water is a thing. Most phones are allergic to water. And getting a totally water-proof casing for a smart phone is viable, but it introduces other limitations.

GoPro realized early on that having a DSLR that would pass everywhere wasn’t a whole lot appropriate if you couldn’t place it anywhere. In order that they created an excellent array of GoPro mounting accessories that has grown exponentially.