You continually grasp your hair straightener from i-mania whilst you want to rock smooth, glossy strands. But did you realize that’s simply the start of what you could do with this flexible hair styling tool? Hairstyle tendencies today are approximately all types of wave and curl shapes—from seaside waves to plump, voluminous curls.

And you can attain these kinds of shapes along with your flat iron! Here’s why now could be the time to learn how to curl your hair with a straightener, at the side of recommendations on how to nail your favored looks!

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Modern hairstyles are smooth and comfortable. Flat irons produce a greater compressed, elongated shape than a traditional curling iron. The latter is higher for forming tight, round curls. You could obtain such a lot of shapes with a hair straightener.

Vertical sections will produce a languid, seaside-wave hair shape, whilst horizontal sections lead to a plumper, bulkier curl form that’s extra like a classic curler set With hair equipment, you have heat on both facets.

With a curling iron, you’re now not ‘cooking’ each sides with heat so you won't be heating the hair thoroughly. With a flat iron, you’re heating up both sides of the hair, and meaning the curls or waves are nicely-set and ultimate forever. The hair will no longer droop.

Any time you operate a thermal styling tool, it’s wise to apply a warmness safety product to protect your hair from damage. One of the maximum critical secrets to studying your flat iron curls is to make sure you don’t stop as you work alongside the hair section.

Modern seaside waves start some inches far away from the top of the pinnacle, so whilst curling with a hair straightener, insert the iron at eye stage. In case you’re seeking out an on-trend, lazy wave, depart the ends of every phase straight when curling your hair with a straightener. F your hair is extremely curly, use your straightener first to easy your hair, then cross lower back and create your favored wave.