Top favourite Samsung galaxy S9 and S9 plus accessories

In this age, your smartphone is most probably your most prized possession. It has almost become a necessity in our life in addition to the necessities of food, air and shelter. Our smartphones are probably the most used pieces of tech.

The offerings from Samsung in the galaxy S series, the galaxy S9 and the galaxy S9 plus are one of the best smartphones out there in the market. The main accessories that you buy for your smartphone include the phone case and the screen protectors.

Here we shall have a look at the other favourite accessories that can be paired up with your Samsung galaxy S9 and S9 plus to make it even more awesome.


Virtual Reality Headsets:

Virtual reality is everywhere. You can use your phone as the screen for the virtual reality headset and get a complete immersive experience whether you are playing a game or even if you are watching a video. There are several virtual reality headsets out there which are compatible with the galaxy S9 and the S9 plus models.

You can have the options of controlling the navigation by using your eyes or by making use of external controllers. There are approximately 600 experiences including apps and games that you can have an experience of in the VR world.


Wireless Charger:

The wireless charging market is growing with several major players bringing out their wireless charging mobile phones. The S9 and S9 plus also support wireless charging. The Samsung wireless charger is designed to charge your S9 or S9 plus model quickly. The added benefit that it provides is that it can be positioned at a 65-degree angle that allows you to use your phone comfortably even when it is charging wirelessly.


Carry your power:

Running out of juice in your smartphone when you are on a long journey or have some important work to do on your phone is one of our worst nightmares. This is where carrying your power with you helps. Even though the S9 and the S9 plus are having a decent amount of battery backup, it is always better to be safe.

A power bank provides you with unlimited (well almost) power to charge your smartphone on the go. IT is a good idea to buy the power banks that have 15000mAh battery which will ensure that you are backed up on any long journeys that you take or in case of any emergencies.


USB-C Car Charger:

This is also a good accessory to own if you prefer travelling in a car. Having a good quality car charger can help you in those road trips when you don’t want to run out of juice for listening to music or even doing some work on your phone.


360 gear:

360-degree photos and videos are the so in the trend. You have the 360 gear that allows you to capture 360-degree photos and videos. It does all the hard work in the background and allows you to share the captured media directly to the social media app of your choice. It also has options for allowing live streaming of your content if that is what you are interested in. With its tiny size, it allows for better portability.


The Dex Pad:

The Dex pad allows to use your S9 or S9 plus as a makeshift computer when connected to an external monitor. Unlike its predecessor, it allows you to use the headphone jack of the mobile and also has options to make use of your S9 or S9 plus device as a mouse or keyboard.



The Samsung gear 3 is one of the best in the smartwatch market and it is compatible with the S9 series phones.