Antimagnet RFID Genuine Leather Wallet / Passport Package / Cowhide Card Slot for man(Black)

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€ 39,91


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Meer kleuren en maten:
1. This card holder wallet can come up with your general demands such as lots of cards money and coin.
2. It was made of genuine leather it is easy to put in a vacant compartment.
3. It has a suitable size and a large capacity.
4. It has a wide open and it is easy for you to put the card in to the pocket.
5. With an electromagnetically opaque shield to block signals from high-tech pickpockets & unauthorized electronic scanning devices.
6. When you're shopping at holidays RFID wallet protection secures your credit card and other RFID chipped cards.
7. When you're travelling aboard RFID blocking purse protects your personal information stored on RFID chips.

Geschikt voor: Passport.

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